Maina Soko Medical Center in Lusaka, Zambia, is a general military hospital. The hospital was designed, built and equipped and trained local staff as jv with ASTHROM INTERNATIONAL and E.D.C LTD.

The hospital facilities include the modern equipment, designed to provide high health care standard for the state of Republic Zambia.
The Imaging center equipped with advanced technology such as: MRI, CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, Fluoroscopy and more. The hospital further includes Operating Theatres, Intensive Care Units, Laboratories, an Emergency Room complete with Trauma unit, along with internal wards, surgical wards, VVIP suites and VIP ward, Outpatient clinics, logistic services, data center with HIS, LIS and RIS and more.

E.D.C prepared a training plan for both medical and para-medical staff, as well as administrative workers, erecting mock up medical rooms to allow hands-on training, and providing specific training for trainers regarding all the facility’s operational aspects. Following two years of ongoing training, the hospital is prepared and ready to provide the care the community needs!

Lusaka, Zambia
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Zambian Ministry of Defense
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260 beds
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22,000 sqm


Working in close cooperation with our affiliated company, IN-HOSPITALS LTD, we prepared comprehensive training plans for medical & non-medical staff, including on-site training in a mock-up rooms constructed especially for this purpose by E.D.C, and using healthcare simulation manikins. All training programs were managed and accompanied by E.D.C’s professional staff, in close cooperation with the medical center’s administrative and medical management. Senior staff trained and took part in medical simulation. The medical simulation included the most advanced technology machines and manikins such as human patient simulator, pediatric simulator and also birthing simulator. Utilizing “train the trainers” principles, our training plans provided the medical and administrative staff with the tools and knowledge they will require while operating the medical facility.


Maina Soko Medical Center’s radiology department provides on-site diagnostic imaging services including MRI, CT, fluoroscopy, X-ray, and ultrasound. All data is recorded digitally and can be instantly accessed and viewed by specialists overseas, thus allowing remote  analysis and the ability to offer consultation and receive second opinions.