The Future of Healthcare

E.D.C’s vison and strategy as an entrepreneurial company, is to build the world of tomorrow-today.
To prepare and accommodate the future of healthcare.

The key to E.D.C’s ongoing success lies with its expertise and years of experience in the construction of hospitals and medical centers, while taking into consideration global healthcare challenges.

The future challenges of the healthcare sector require construction of hospitals using operational models which accommodate budgetary and cost saving, manpower reduction, energy conservation (and the use of renewable energies), remote diagnosis and patient care via telecommunication technologies, and providing services to patients and staff while keeping up with technological developments, science and innovation.  

The hospitals E.D.C designs incorporate future healthcare challenges. Each project includes feasibility studies, a programme, financing packages, architectural and engineering design, construction, training and procurement of medical and non-medical equipment and consumables.

E.D.C has design and construction expertise in incorporating modern medical equipment such as MRI machines, radiation institutes, operating rooms (both traditional and hybrid), intensive care units, all laboratories, including clean laboratories for immunotherapy treatment, special units such as IVF and trauma, medical simulation centers, and remote diagnostics and patient care through telecommunication technologies (an online multidisciplinary medical center for remote patient care).

E.D.C’S experience naturally includes erecting hospitalization, urgent medicine, surgical, internal, oncology and radiology wards, external patient clinics and logistical services such as sterile supply, transportation, pharmacies, kitchens, laundry, logistical storage, data centers, environmental development, landscape architecture, heliports and more. 

E.D.C provides turn-key services, from A-Z.